Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 27

I'm now 27 weeks pregnant, and so far it has been a dream. I have no pains and I only got sick once, I hope the last months will be as good (and the birth!). The due date feels a lot closer on this side of christmas though, so we have started to colect and buy the things we are going to need. We have a long long list. I'm anxious that we won't get the hospital bag packed in time, so to calm myself down I have decided to buy the diaper bag (its on the must-have-list) and get it packed as quick as possible. I have three favourites and you must help me choose one!
The powder pink and prettiest one(mommy WANTS). Not to expensive, but maybe the least practical. The color might be a little of too, since we are expecting a boy. Also, the man might need to cary it around a little:)

The same price range as the one abowe, but not as pretty. Its the most practical one though (look at all those pockets!), and the color is more "right", the man can use it too.

This one is unisex and kickass! But expensive, sigh..

What do you think? They all fits on a stroller and can be used as a regular bag too. I cant choose, please help!


  1. i want to say the last one because i am SO drawn to cognac...and that style is amazing too but if it's expensive then no, there are other things that you could be using that money towards i'm sure, what with a new baby coming and all. so i say the middle one.

    also, that photo of you is gorgeous!

  2. the first or the second! they're all gorgeous... but get the one you love the most since you're the momma and you'll be carrying it around the most!! as for the dad... since the first two aren't as expensive you can always get him a cheaper manly bag for when he does need one! :)

  3. Jackie, you're makeing some good points! Powdery pink it is:)

  4. i vote for the third one. maybe you could find a less expensive one at a flea market or something in a similar style?
    your belly is so adorable. :)

  5. IKKE kjøp nr.2 christine, har den selv. Omtrent alt er ødelagt på den snart, tåler ingenting!! Bare en anbefaling:)

  6. #2 is the most versatile bag I think personally. But I must say, I looove the pink one as well! Good luck!