Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopping day

Today was another cold day, mr winter made art on our windows and I had to pull on some wooly stockings and my beanie. I got a big gray sweater this christmas from my auntie and family, "pregnant but stylish" said my cousin. I have probably worn it since then, big sweater=big love.
My mom had a apointment in the neighbour town this morning and she and her friend decided to go shopping aftherwards, I was lucky enough to be invited along. Althoug I had no money realy, I managed to bring home two tunicas, a magazin and a lipstick anyway (below). It was newyears sale! Mom and her friend both got some realy nice dresses too.
Then we hung out in my parents bedroom makeing grand plans for the bathroom makover and I got to snoop around in her wardrobe. The sweetie in the picture is my mom as a child.

Oh, and my brother is superman, as I have long suspected. He confirmed it this morning around seven when he made his bed to kill the time before his workout, before school. I think I probably fell in a boiling pot of kryptonite as a child, the super genes definitely missed me. Maybe it skips one generation and my son will have it? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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  1. okay you are the CUTEST pregnant woman alive. that sweater looks so warm and comfy and perfect. happy new year! xo