Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I made my way back to Oslo this sunday and since then I've been multitasking.
I made plans for this semester, started on a new syllabus, tried to muster up the courage I need to start on the paperwork regarding haveing a baby and moving to italy (there is tons!), cleaned and tidied the apartement, washed and unpacked my clothes, knitted a pair of baby socks (pictures are coming), trying to sort out the baby/guest room, and started on my long list of crafts and projects.
I finished the pillow last night (in the picture), its made of one of my mans old shirts. The plan was to only use the back of it, but when I had cut of the arms, this idea came to me. It still misses its bow tie around the collar, I have to find one first. Cute in a little gentlemans room!
I keep thinking things will slow down, but they won't. Things will actually just get crazier from here. My poor hunter wellingtons will just have to wait for that walk..


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  1. love the pillow! your little boy is going to be one stylish man! xo