Friday, January 14, 2011


I have never been the kind of person who likes things just because of its name. I love to shop secondhand and if I buy something it is how much I like the thing (the LOVE it, must-have-it, cant-live-without-it feeling) that determine whether I get or not, not he price or brand.
But lately I have found myself totaly hooked on three diferent brands i'm not shure I can survive without.
Snö of Sweeden.
My favourite jewlery brand ever. You can collect different necklaces and bracelets and put them together to what suits you the best. I got different bracelets from my parents and man this christmas and I wear them as a necklace. I also got these earrings from my mom as a well done present afther my last exam.
Thay actually look great with everything I own, its like someone took a peek into my wardrobe before they made them.

REN skincare products.
Made by natural ingrediens, and as you can see, no chemicals. My skin problems vanished when I started to use this brand, and stopped using skin products with perfume and other additives. I have one skincare rule; if it burns or sting, dont put it on.
Its a bit expensive though, but the bottles last long and I actually saved some money on sticking to one product (instead of trying a little of everything in desperation).


Me love=easy, recyceled, organized, minimalistic, afordable, design.
Do you have something you just cant live without? A favourite brand or product? Please share.

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  1. i can't wait to try these new brands! thank you :) I can't live without morracan oil for my hair. it helps so much! and i live by the rule too: if it burns, stings, smells unatural, or has a list of ingredients not known to mankind, then I don't use it!