Monday, January 3, 2011


This year started the exact same place as last year did, home. I cant belive I took these pictures a year ago!
Sometimes I think I must be the most boring preson alive. I'm not much of a party girl, I love a good book and a quiet life, me and my man want to go and live on a mountain for a month. yeah.
But looking back at this last year, I realice that things do happen in my life too. I've been to Rome, celebrated my moms birthday in Åre, gone to two weddings and one funeral, started to learn italian, moved, and most important maybe; I got pregnant.
Can this new year measure up to 2010? I think it will. This is the year we will meet the most important person in our life. One of my big dreams for my life is also coming true, were moving to italy! Not forever, but for 5 months or so. I'm close to another dream too, but enough about that. What I'm trying to say is that I look forward to the wild rumpus of 2011 to start!!
What do you look forward to this year?


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  1. hej! godt nyttår! å så spennende! italia <3 elske d lande, d e sykt herlig! kunna gjerne tenkt å budd der ei stund æ å! ska gjør der i 5 måna da? :D